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$18.00 Value!
"Your report is perfect and has been sent to the client!!"
V. Ward, Vendor Management, FNF , Coraopolis, PA
"My house had erroneously been assessed... The home appraisal report home value gave me the ammunition I needed to have my property tax assessment lowered by about 30%...
l.Piscotta , Indianapolis, IN
"Measurements have been wrong, I think, since I have owned this house--35 years or so... I went to Washington Twp. Assessor's Office today and showed the county assessor your home appraisal. She brought their assessment down to your appraised home value and gave me back my senior exemption which had been taken away for 2007. I also was able to appeal (in a 2nd appeal initiated today) the sq. ft. measurements on my second floor and basement; the tax appeal will cover the three past years--the most that it can cover. You have helped me tremendously!"
A. M. , Indianapolis, IN
"It was perfect…You did a great job..thanks also for the quick service…"
Timothy Pierce, Ball State Federal Credit Union , Muncie, IN
“Your reports are extremely well written and we have had no post revisions on your files”
Quality Control, AMC , Indianapolis, IN
"People are really used to non-compliance and cutting corners and one's word and signature and professional credentials being sold down the river. I appreciate your thoroughness and understanding of the spirit of the law behind protecting health & habitation, and I stand for that.”
Tim Wilson
"As always, you have great skills"
Jim Landwerlen , Greenwood, IN
"Thank you for helping me buy a home!"
Jennifer Martinache , Knoxville, IA
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